With the update of October 11th we have ensured that the role of the shipping agent is better integrated with the UAB process. We have ensured that these can be optionally added to the invitation process first, so that they can be added later in the process. For this we have made a new addition in the invitation process where an extra option has been added to the list of agents. This Not Known option can now be selected if it is not yet known which agent to select.

With this option, we have also introduced new functionalities in the dossier overview to make it clear that it is now possible to change the agent(s). 

This by removing and adding agents. It is now possible to detach agents from the dossier overview page with just one click. This can be done with the button as shown below.

In addition, the option has also been added to add an Agent back again. This can be done with the button as indicated below.

This button takes the user to a new page that lists all addable agents. 

These agents can therefore be added to the online dossier with one click. An example where no agent has yet been added to the online dossier is shown below.

The parties already linked are also listed here in order to disconnect them from the online dossier if possible. The fact that an agent is already linked will also be clearly visible in this overview by means of a textual indication at the relevant agent. An example of an overview where agent(s) are already linked can be seen below.