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As a barging company, do you have to work with UAB-Online? This is simple and free of charge. It ensures efficient announcements at terminals. Register online!

It works like this

UAB-Online is simple. The boatmaster enters the (pre)announcement and sends it with a single push of a button. The boatmaster receives feedback on his announcement and information about the expected waiting, loading and unloading time via UAB-Online. This way, both you and your boatmaster know exactly where you stand in advance and you save valuable time. As barging company, you’re able to view all data via the barging company account.

Simple and free of charge

The boatmasters with whom you work are able to do an announcement easily and free of charge at UAB-Online. The data that the boatmaster enters is then entered as standard with every pre-announcement, so that the boatmaster only has to answer the specific questions about the voyage with every announcement. As a barging company, once the boatmaster has announced, you can then submit a coupling request.

Insight into relevant data for all barges

You can manage all barges that sail under your flag by using the UAB-Online barging company account. You no longer have to request the login details from each individual boatmaster and log in for each barge separately in order to view the details and change things. Using the UAB-Online barging company account you can:

  • Change and add barging details/documents (free of charge)
  • Inspect announcement overviews with associated status (paid)
  • Prepare announcements for boatmasters (paid)

No separate software necessary

No separate software is necessary for the use of UAB-Online. UAB-Online is a web application that can be accessed via the internet from a computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone. In excess of 1200 boatmasters are already using UAB-Online to their complete satisfaction.

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Using just one login account for all your barges


Process insight into the announcements and feedback


Option in order to relieve the boatmasters (by means of the API)


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As a barging company, would you like insight into your entire fleet? To carry out fleet management efficiently? And prepare an announcement for the boatmasters by prefilling forms via the API connection? Benefit today from the conveniences of UAB-Online.

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