Smart application for terminals

Complete solution for uniform handling and digital information

UAB-Online is a smart application for terminals. It ensures an optimal announcing process, and therefore less administrative burden. By using the boatmaster’s information smartly, you save a lot of jetty time by completing various digital checklists and agreements.

Extensive benefits for loadingmasters

Much less telephone traffic


All relevant information and digital recording in one place


Dealing with administrative obligations prior to the vessel mooring


Earlier and better insight into the vessels to be expected in the short term


All the data you need

As a terminal, you decide which data you want to receive from the master. For example:

  • Master data
    Such as: the vessel’s name, ENI number, length and width, type of cargo tank, version of cargo tank etc.
  • Standard documents
    Such as: loading/unloading training, substance list, tank tables etc.
  • Data about the journey
    Such as: ETA, mooring place etc.
  • Information about the (last) cargo
    Such as: order number, proper shipping name, UN number, quantity etc.
  • Data about the cargo
    Such as: transport documents, vessel measurements, customs documents etc.
  • And even more data and documents

How much time does UAB-online save?

Oiltanking Stolthaven, Antwerp

40% in time saving thanks to forwarding of loading documents and rapid communication.

Total Refinery, Antwerp

30 minutes thanks to automation via UAB-Online. 40% reduction in phone calls.

Oiltanking, Amsterdam

The information is available 30 minutes prior to the vessel arriving. 50% reduction in phone calls.