Digital ADN checklist for inland shipping

Automatically transfer the announcement data to the ADN checklist

Completing ADN checklists takes quite some time at the jetty. Moreover, there is the risk of errors, an accident or a fine. Fortunately, it can be safer, faster and better. Using the digital ADN checklist from UAB-Online.

As much as possible pre-filled

Our digital checklist (approved by IL&T and the Port of Antwerp) is pre-filled as much as possible, using the information available to us. For example, information from the announcement and the loading/unloading agreement. Or information we obtain via an API link from your back office system.

In their own language for loading master and boatmaster

The ADN checklist is available in 4 languages. This means that the loading master and boatmaster can read the questions in the checklist in their own language. You complete the ADN checklist together on an explosion-proof tablet. Thanks to a special tool you can easily select or create the proper shipping name. After signing, the terminal and the master receive the ADN checklist in PDF format.

The benefits of our digital ADN checklist? Less chance of error and a huge saving of time on the jetty.

Save even more time?

Combine the ADN checklist with the loading/unloading agreement