Digital loading/unloading agreement for inland shipping

Prevent duplicate work and save time

You also set out much of the data that you need for the ADN checklist in the trilingual loading and unloading agreement that you fill in and sign together with the boatmaster. This takes an unnecessary amount of time. Furthermore, this can cause errors. How do you avoid this? By using the link between the digital ADN checklist and your loading and unloading agreement.

The application already fills in the basic data for you from the UAB announcement. The data then flows silently to the ADN checklist.

An abundance of benefits for loading master and boatmaster

The digital loading and unloading agreement has quite a few advantages, such as: the simple input method, help in selecting the proper shipping name, integrated calculations and validation at maximum speeds. This increases security and ensures correct recording of the agreements. After signing, you both – loading master and boatmaster – receive the VOW agreement in PDF format.

Apart from that, the digital loading-unloading agreement can also operate stand-alone. For instance, for loads that do not fall under the ADN.

Also handy: our digital CDNI unloading certificate

After unloading, you can digitally prepare the CDNI unloading certificate. Here too you benefit from the data that you have already entered.