Publishing jetty planning using UAB-Online

Insight into the jettyplanning for boatmaster, customer, trader and parent company

A lot of telephone traffic takes place at a terminal with the boatmaster. After all, the boatmaster would like to hear from you about when he can load or unload. Quite time-consuming, all those phone calls. Fortunately, it can be done more efficiently. Namely by giving the master insight into the terminal’s planning after he’s logged in. This considerably reduces telephone traffic.

Set the user roles

You can not only give the boatmaster insight into the schedule, but also the customer (trader) or the parent company. You decide who has access to the planning. You set user roles for this. The data that we publish in the planning views can come from the jetty planning module of UAB-Online or from your own planning/back office application.

Can be connected to the jetty planning module

This planning view can also be linked to our jetty planning module. Stop planning in Excel, create jetty efficiency and save time with our planning tool.