Uniform announcing at terminals

Vessels on and off the jetty faster

As loadingmaster, of course you want to start loading or unloading as quickly as possible. UAB-Online makes this possible. Thanks to the standardised process, you optimise the jetty occupation. And that’s not all.

Because the system also ensures the recording of communication and the transfer between shifts. Customer Service is happy because UAB-Online determines the start time of the demurrage. And surveyors arrive at the vessel sooner, because they are informed of the status more quickly.

This is how we support and unburden the loadingmaster

All necessary data available without telephone contact.


Single place for all registration data.


Single overview of all communication with the masters.


Benefit for boatmasters

Boatmasters are familiar with the process too. Thanks to UAB-Online, they benefit from a single uniform announcement process at most terminals in the Netherlands and Belgium. Indeed, terminals determine themselves what data boatmasters have to provide when they come to load or unload. However, the process is also clear for the boatmaster. Because the boatmaster announce via UAB-Online, receives a response/feedback via UAB-Online and can view the current status of the announcement and the corresponding information.

This saves time and prevents errors

The boatmaster receives support when entering the data. He only has to enter his master data (from ENI number to loading/unloading work instruction) once. Thereafter, this data is entered automatically. So, the boatmaster only has to enter data concerning the arrival and the products to be loaded or unloaded. This saves time and prevents errors.

Of course, you want to be sure that a boatmaster is in the vicinity of your terminal. Tip: use the UAB-Online announcing time as the basis for the demurrage agreements. Read more

Do you give feedback to a boatmaster? Using the Surveyor module you can link a surveyor directly.
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