10 February 2022

Key figures 2021

A new year with new resolutions!

UAB-Online will build a global brand and unite all stakeholders in liquid bulk shipping.

But before we look further, we would like to look back at 2021.


A year with exponentional growth.

Over 5000 users unite in UAB-Online’s application, of which 2800 registered vessels and 59 terminals. Together they created over 100.000 visit dossiers with their announcements. Within these visit dossiers over 300.000 documents were exchanged and more than 70.000 safety documents were created.

In November we got rewarded with the ISO 27001 certification and our team grew with 4 new enthousiastic and smart individuals!

2021 Was an energetic year, a trigger to expand our product and company even further in the coming years.

As soon as we can, we will share our future plans, they are exiting…. so…stay connected and we wish you all the best for 2022.