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International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT)-checklist

With ISGOTT 6 the pre-arrival process became even more complicated: 

  • forms are sent back and forth 
  • errors in checklists
  • uncompleted checklists
  • high printing costs
  • delay’s
  • fines
  • etc etc…

UAB-Online and ISGOTT 6

Scanning crumpled, uncompleted papers is a thing of the past. From now on, you fill in the Ship Shore Safety checklist (and the associated operational arrangements and other related documents) digitally via UAB-Online. More than 2500 seaships have already used UAB-Online’s digital solution for ISGOTT 6.

Via our application you can now run through all the checks together with the person responsible on board and enter all the rechecks. With our application the pre-arrival process will run smoother and more efficient.


The benefits of the digital ISGOTT checklist

Time savings on the jetty & at the back office


Cost savings


Workload decrease


Information unambiguous


Digital Ship Shore Safety Checklist (SSSCL)

There is a digitally fillable PDF available from the ISGOTT itself, but this is a far from ideal document. Via UAB-Online you can digitize your entire printed matter, whereby we provide the forms with logic and tricks so that you can fill out the documents faster, more efficiently and without errors.

Available in our application are:

  • ISGOTT 6 Ship Shore Safety Checklist
  • Operational arrangements
  • Dear master letters
  • Mooringviews
  • Terminal conditions
  • Pre-arrival notice
  • Repetitive checks

All digital ISGOTT 6 pdf files are automatically archived.

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