Exchange pre-arrival information online

Digitize the pre-arrival process

With the introduction of ISGOTT 6, it becomes even more important to exchange pre-arrival information in an efficient manner. The ISGOTT 6 requires the necessary adjustments compared to the current process and the new Ship Shore Safety Checklist is only getting longer.

However, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. With our software, acting as a platform between terminal, agent and captain, you can:

  • professionalize the pre-arrival process and operational coordination
  • record and secure the process
  • digitize and merge communication into one file
  • limit physical contact (COVID19 proof)
  • provide pre-arrival information (and documentation)
  • request pre-arrival information (and documentation)
  • request information, prefill and finalize the operational agreement digitally
  • have the Ship Shore Safety Checklist prefilled and digitally finalized with input from the process (unlike the standard PDF, checks for correctness and completeness are carried out)