The basics (free)

Added value for vessels

In the pre-arrival phase, a lot is required of the vessel. With the arrival of ISGOTT6 this will only increase. There is simply more coordination and exchange required beforehand.

To ensure that the amount of work will not increase, but rather decrease, we have developed our pre-arrival sea shipping module.

With this module, terminals can invite a ship for the digital pre-arrival process via the agent. This process consists of the following steps:

  • The terminal starts a new pre-arrival request and adds visit-specific information
  • The agent will link the the ship by adding the correct email address
  • The ship automatically receives the most important static data, links to documents and visit-specific information from the terminal
  • The ship fills in the pre-arrival form digitally (and uploads order-related documents)
  • Terminal, vessel and agent have insight into all data exchanged via UAB-Online
  • During the visit digital documents can be exchanged (and if desired digitally signed)

The benefits for vessels

Uniform process at all participating terminals


Reduction of telephone traffic (with the agent and the terminal)


Operational information (terminal ship) can be coordinated without mailing back and forth


More efficient process (despite ISGOTT 6)


Always insight via online file