UAB-Online for ships

For ship and shipping companies

As a ship, do you have to load or unload at a terminal that works with UAB-Online? Then this terminal will ask you to work with UAB-Online too. You can do this easily online. And of course it costs you nothing.

For efficient announcements

UAB-Online offers the ship numerous benefits with the most important plus point being that UAB-Online ensures a smooth and efficient announcement at the terminal. After all, all data for annoucement is in a single place in the system. And the most is already settled. This saves phoning and emailing.

After logging into UAB-Online, select the terminal and enter if you are loading or unloading. The form then opens with all relevant data. You run through this data, add to it where necessary, and then press ‘send’. You have now met the terminal’s requirements. So you no longer (any more) have to figure out in advance how it works at a specific terminal.

The greatest benefits of UAB-Online for skippers:

Free web application. No separate software necessary.


One central point for you to announce at connected terminals.


Save time when announcing. Enter standard data only once.


No more physical announcement required after mooring at a loading/unloading point.


Receive feedback from the terminal or request times via a feedback website.


Enter and send announcements 24/7. Via desktop, tablet or smartphone.