UAB-Online and EDB’s Singapore declaration Covid-19

EDB's Singapore declaration Covid-19

Regulations regarding Covid-19 are strict in the Singapore shipping area. The EDB (Economic development board) of Singapore obliges all incoming vessels to submit a declaration on Singapore’s Covid-19 requirements.

Necessary, but a lot of extra and time consuming work for both the terminal and agent. More information needs to be gathered, needs to be put in a separate document, and needs to be sent to the EDB of Singapore, devious and delaying the pre-arrival process.

We developed a cloud based application that drastically improves the lives of all stakeholders in liquid bulk shipping. Our application digitizes the handling of vessels/barges, such as digital solutions for the; pre-arrival, operational arrangement, SSSCL and other ISGOTT 6 related documents.We have a bottom-up approach, and create our modules around the necessities of our customers.

UAB-Online’s EDB module

We were asked to develop an extra module and create a digital solution to the EDB’s declaration on the Covid-19 requirements. In our application you can find all the required documents, in one secure place, for a single submission to the EDB of Singapore. We offer more clarity on the declaration for the vessel and take extra work out of the hands of terminal operators. For an optimal flow the EDB module could be combined in the same process with our ISGOTT 6 solution. 

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