SSSCL control questions moved

With the update of January 25, 2022 it is possible to adjust the SSSCL digitally and remotely.

To provide more clarity during the creation of the SSSCL document, the control questions have been moved from the top of the form to the section relevant to the question. This is because the control questions affected their relevant sections, but this was not visible at once, making it unclear why the relevant section was crossed out.

The control questions have been moved to the following sections:

● Is the ship a gas tanker?
○ Moved to Part 6, between item 60 and item 83
● Will liquefied gas products be transferred?
○ Moved to Part 5C, top
● Will chemical products be transferred?
○ Moved to Part 5B, top
● Is crude oil washing planned?
○ Moved to Part 7B, top
● “Is tank cleaning planned?” and “Is gas freeing planned”?
○ Both moved to Part 7C, top
● Will an inert gas system be used?
○ Moved to Part 1B, top


  • Is the ship a gas tanker?
    Affects Part 6, Item 83 and Part 5C, because if the ship is not a gas tanker it will not carry liquefied gas products.
  • “Is tank cleaning planned” and “Is gas freeing planned”
    The section is editable if one of the two questions is answered with yes, if both questions are answered with no, the section is crossed out.
  • All other questions directly affect their section.

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