The application for inland shipping of liquid bulk

The application for inland shipping of liquid bulk

UAB-Online is the standard for inland shipping of liquid bulk. Our cloud-based application is now used by more than 30 terminals in the Netherlands and Belgium, 1200 active vessels and almost all surveyors. Together we ensure safe and efficient inland shipping throughout Europe.

Uniform announcement method

Thanks to the uniform announcement method, the boatmaster knows exactly what is expected of him. Agreements are clearly laid down, as is communication between the terminal and the boatmaster. The application’s smart approach results in optimum jetty occupation, error reduction and reduction in financial burden. Because the terminal receives all information at once, their “file” is complete, without having to make a follow-up call or e-mail. Furthermore, the terminal can check automatically where the ship is (AIS = Automatic Identification System). Boatmasters no longer have to enter most data; only the variable part that deals with the voyage and the cargo.

Even more smart functionalities for the chain

That’s not all. Because UAB-Online is much more than an application for announcing inland vessels. The application contains many smart functionalities for boatmasters, charterers, terminals, surveyors and degassers. These functionalities optimise the complete process of announcement and handling of inland vessels.