We optimise your liquid bulk shipping

UAB-Online is the specialist in optimising your operations in liquid bulk. We will help you strengthen your liquid bulk process and make your handling operations more efficient, safer and more sustainable.

The overall port stay will be shortened, your ecological footprint will be reduced, you will be alleviated in administrative tasks & overload of communication, and you have your operation not only better prepared, but also prepared earlier in time.

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Safety software solution liquid bulk

Over 400 repetitive checks, 76% less mistakes, compliant with law & regulations

Efficiency software solution liquid bulk

Up to 90 min shorter port stay, less email, phone calls & physical contact

Sustainable software solution liquid bulk

Less CO2 & NoX emissions, less paper waste

Our digital collaborative platform

We developed a cloud-based application where all relevant stakeholders in liquid bulk shipping connect and collaborate on optimising the operational process.

The application consists of smart functionalities for terminals, barges & vessels, agents, surveyors and shipping agencies, all designed to optimise the complete process of the pre-arrival administration and handling of inland and sea-going vessels.

How to optimise
your maritime


Extensive optimisation features

Access your digital pre-arrival announcement dossier where you digitally align, exchange & sign documents with all stakeholders.

Your data is validated, saved and is smartly re-used. Customization, API connections and terminal specific documents are possible, all to make your operation as safe, efficient and sustainable as possible.

For every stakeholder we have fitting functionalities in our platform.


Application functionalities for terminal users

Better preparation, complete insights, less administration and communication.

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Example of sea terminal dossier page of our software solution


For both sea and inland terminals we have the ultimate product



For both sea and inland shipping we have the ultimate product


Application functionalities for vessel & barge operators

Standardised and clear process, time savings at jetty and optimised for poor internet connections.

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Example of sea vessel dossier page of our software solution
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Do you want to find out more about what our software solution can do specifically for you? Schedule a demo with our expert Bas Been and he will be happy to help.

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