Digital CDNI attestation of unloading for inland shipping

Prevent duplicate entry and save time

After unloading, you prepare the CDNI attestation of unloading. Do you work with the UAB-Online digital CDNI? Then you do this quickly and easily based on products previously entered into the loading and unloading agreement and/or the ADN checklist. This prevents you from having to enter data twice.

Thanks to a smart link with the substances list, you can easily look up the NSTR number and the type of goods.

Sending CDNI and saving it online

After completing the unloading certificate, you can also have the boatmaster sign this certificate. Following completion, the CDNI attestation of unloading is sent in PDF to the boatmaster’s e-mail address. And to the terminal if necessary. The document also remains available for 3 months for the terminal and boatmaster in the UAB-Online online archive.

Also discover our digital timesheet

Also discover our digital timesheet. This logs the times in real time. And that has quite a few advantages.