Exchange files between skipper and terminal and digitally sign

Exchange files digitally

Various documents are exchanged before and after loading / unloading a ship. Some of these documents are already uploaded by the skipper when submitting the announcement. But that is not possible for all documents. The exchange of documents is usually done by e-mail. Thanks to the file exchange module of UAB-Online, the overview is monitored and everything can be found in one digital place. You can see exactly which documents you have already received, which you still have to receive and which documents must be (digitally) signed or already signed.

The advantages

The ship faster from jetty

No physical meeting required for signing


One digital folder
No separate emails with files


No unnecessary ‘movements’ across the terminal grounds


Faster and more efficient
The skipper no longer has to go to the control room. The loading master no longer returns to the ship (for a signature)


Legally valid signature
In contrast to the scanned signatures, there is no discussion about the legal validity of the advanced digital signature


Can be linked with back office systems
The online archive can be linked to back office systems. This makes it possible to store documents directly in the correct folder


Sign digitally

Thanks to the digital signing functionality of UAB-Online, a skipper no longer has to walk to the control room and / or a loading master to the ship to get a signature under the papers. This is not only much more efficient (a ship can leave the jetty much earlier), but because the skippers no longer have to walk on the site of the terminal (sometimes 15 – 30 minutes), it immediately improves safety.

Advanced signature through Evidos

The signing is done through Evidos. The Evidos platform meets the highest security requirements such as SOC 2 and ISO 27001. The identity verification and digital signatures comply with European eIDAS regulations.