Firewall instructions to comply with legislation and regulations

To comply with legislation and regulations (ISGOTT 6), many terminals in North West Europe use the online pre-arrival software from UAB-Online. This process requires access to the internet on board the ship and access to the cloud application UAB-Online.


Firewall instructions for your entire fleet

To avoid having to go through these steps for each ship when visiting a participating terminal, we kindly ask you to complete the following steps for all ships in your fleet that call at ports in  North West Europe and report this to UAB-Online via

To ensure that the ship can go through the process, we ask to check the following in advance:

  • The ship has access to internet
  • If the ship does not have access to “free internet”, the following URLs should be given access behind your firewall:
  1. (https, incl. subdomains)
  3. (https, incl. subdomains)
  4. (https, incl. subdomains)
  • The ship is able to receive emails
  • If a firewall is used for e-mails the following sender domain is free to access:

For technical questions you can also contact UAB-Online (


Additional functionality

UAB-online is an innovating company that works together with all stakeholders, that make the transshipment with inland tankers, sea going vessels and terminal possible.

We do this by building bottom up, generic and connectable applications and standardizing the process for all stakeholders within the process.

If you are interested in an account for shipping companies, you can request a free account. This gives you real-time insight into all online dossiers of your linked ships.

If your company has any additional wishes for functionality that makes your work more safe and efficient, please contact our Business Developer


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As a shipping company, would you like insight into your entire fleet? To carry out fleet management efficiently? And prepare an announcement for the boatmasters by prefilling forms via the API connection? Benefit today from the conveniences of UAB-Online.

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