The new API is released and taken into production at the first terminal.

The API comes with 3 main functionalities:

1. Retrieve information and documents from UAB-Online
This functionality makes it possible to retrieve information and files from the dossier. This makes manual downloading and archiving of files unnecessary. In addition, it offers the possibility to automatically retrieve other data from the dossier and save it in your own terminal system.

2. Add files to the dossier
The API makes it possible to add files directly to the file from your own system. It is also possible to specify for certain types of documents that they must be digitally signed by specified parties. This is all done automatically, so there is no need to save the files from your own system, then upload them, specify who should sign, etc.

3. Submitting order data
This makes it possible to send all information related to an order to UAB-Online. The order can then be linked to a dossier in UAB-Online, so that the current data from your own terminal system can be used in the forms. For example: proper shipping name, quantity, density, etc. This avoids the need to manually check or retype data.


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