As of January 8th, Covestro Antwerp has officially integrated our innovative liquid bulk handling software into their sea and inland shipping operations. This marks a significant leap forward in their optimisation journey.

Sea vessels can now seamlessly announce themselves through UAB-Online, streamlining and standardising maritime operations with a digitised ISGOTT 6 process. Additionally, inland vessels are set to experience the benefits of a digitised ADN, VOW, and CDNI, representing a major step in operational efficiency.

We're eager to embark on this journey together, working towards a future that's not only safe and efficient but also sustainable. Here's to a fruitful collaboration!



Our application significantly improves the lives of all involved in shipping! Our goal; safe, efficient and sustainable inland and sea shipping worldwide.

We deliver a smart and affordable application, adaptable to the wishes of the specific user, which provides direct benefits in terms of efficiency and safety, and indirectly benefits the entire chain. We guarantee the ISGOTT6 process.

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