13 June 2017

Oiltanking Ghent Live

Oiltanking Ghent has switched to UAB-Online. From 6 June 2017 they will use UAB-Online. They start testing first and July 3rd the wil be out of the test phase.

Three announcement forms will be used,

  • A pre announcement
  • An announcement to load a product
  • An announcement to discharge a product

The pre announcement is recommended when departing from the previous port if the destination is Oiltanking Ghent.

The announcement for loading or discharging at least 4 hours prior to arrival at the OTG terminal. OTG will respond to this announcement within 2 hours by UAB-Online. This feedback is the confirmation that we have received your application. In this message, a possible berth will also be assigned, in case of a waiting berth this will always be done with the necessary explanation.