Uploading, sharing and signing of documents

UAB-Online improves the application on a continuous basis. This often happens in the background, but in some cases the improvements are such that explanation is necessary.

We have made some major changes for more parties to be actively involved in the announcement process. This means that Surveyors and Agents can now take part in the uploading, sharing and signing of documents within the Online dossiers of UAB-Online.

We have created some workflow documentation which will help explain the different actions that can be taken and how to do that.

This workflow is specifically created for terminal users.

Terminal – sending in the signing request

These workflows are specifically created for relations, such as the Surveyors and Agents.
Please note that these actions can be done by all users.

All users – responding to a file request
All users – uploading a file and request another party to return the document
All users – signing the signing request
All users – requesting a file or document
All users – sharing a document with another party in the Online dossier