A complete overview of the latest updates of UAB-Online. From new features to bug fixes, developments and other improvements. You can find the release notes below.

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Release May 16th 2023


  • We have created filtering options for Agents and Surveyors on the Announcements overview page.
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  • We have now added the functionality for Traders to use the UAB-Online application.
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Release April 18th 2023


  • We have created automated reminder e-mails for seagoing online dossiers which have not yet been finalised by vessel.

Release April 4th 2023


  • We have added pagination to the ADN & VOW archive pages so that digital signed documents are now linked correctly.
  • The new API is released and taken into production at the first terminal. 
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Release March 9th 2023


  • We improved the search function in the announcement dashboard. You are now able to effectively search for vessels.
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Release February 22nd 2023


  • Terminals and agents can review the 3 previous announcements from ships in order to provide support.
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Release January 24th 2023


  • We have added a selection of previous products to the announcement form for the barges so these can easily be copied.

Release January 3rd 2023


  • We have created an extra option for digital signing. It is now possible to enable a terminal to have paraphs or initials on each page of a document after completing a signing request.
  • The search function in the surveyor field of feedback forms is no longer case sensitive. This will optimise the given results when searching.
  • We have added a feature for terminal users that disables the reminder on the dossier detail page after it is clicked, to prevent multiple clicks. 
  • The NoR (Notice of Readiness) for barges can now only be submitted a few hours before the ETA or if the ETA is in the past. The period before the ETA may vary per terminal.

Release December 13th 2022


  • We have made the color of the marked fields consistent for the alignment process. The comment box at the top of the form will now match the field's changed style.
  • We have redesigned the login experience. Please read on for more info...

Release November 15th 2022


  • We have updated the logic around showing a message when the ship was already invited. You will now see a warning when a specific vessel was already invited.
  • We have changed the appearance of section headers when editing a form according to how they are displayed in the final documents.
  • We have added a version number to (duplicate) documents. This makes communicating about documents much easier for parties involved. 
  • We have changed the functionalities for the connected surveyors. Please read on for more info...

Release October 11th 2022


  • Agents in the online dossier. Read on for  more info...
  •  Progress status visible in dossier. Read on for  more info...


Release October 4th 2022


  • All parties involved are visible in the online dossier. Read on for  more info…

Release September 26th 2022


  • Vessel info easier to be found after the UAB-Online & Q88 integration. Read on for  more info...
  • We have changed the email layout. Read on for  more info…

Release August 23rd 2022


  • The fallback language within the application has been changed to English. This used to be Dutch.
  • The status of the signing requests has been made clearer.  Read on for  more info…
  • Since a previous update, files were only visible when they were signed by all parties. This has now been adjusted so that the document is immediately visible as soon as you have signed.

Bug fixes

  • In some situations the users were not notified of the completion of a VOW or ADN, this notification is now sent by email again.
  • The titles were not displayed correctly in the forms filter on the announcement overview. This has now been resolved.
  • We have fixed an issue whereby some seagoing vessels showed a “no signing email configured” error when creating a signing request.
  • We have fixed an issue whereby some seagoing vessels received an error after resetting their password following the link in the invitation mail.




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